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    浙江省温岭市威利玛机电有限公司(中文简称威利玛,英文Willama,官方网站:www.willama.cn),公司成立于1996年,确立了以高新科技为主导的发展方向,专业从事大型工业风扇、去毛刺设备的研制和开发,致力打造国内知名的厂家。? ????  威利玛目前具备规模生产的产品类型包括:大型工业风

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    Weilima, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province(Chinese abbreviation Weilima, official website: www.willama.cn), the company was established in 1996, established the development direction led by high-tech, specializing in large-scale industrial fans, The development and development of Burr removal equipment, Committed to building domestic well-known manufacturers. The types of products that Weilima currently produces on a scale include: large industrial fans, magnetic polishing grinders(magnetic poline/magnetic grinders), ultra-powerful demagnetizers, hand-held portable demagnetizers, tunnel-frame demagnetizers(or demagnetizer / demagnetizer / demagnetizer / demagnetizer) The demagne/demagnetization machine), as well as high-tech abrasive flow fluid polishing machines dedicated to the internal flowway cross hole polishing, the company's key equipment uses products manufactured by world-renowned multinational companies, such as Schneider-electronics in Germany. German Jinzhongmule, American AB, Japanese Mitsubishi and Fuji provide solid hardware guarantees for the manufacture of high-quality products. In order to create high-quality equipment of international standards, Weilima's products are fully compliant with ISO9001 from raw materials to finished products; The standard operation of the 2000 quality management system makes the product performance index comparable to or even exceed the imported equipment, and has been well received by customers. Products are widely used in many industries such as textiles, electronics, communications, machinery, factories, enterprises and institutions. The company adheres to the concept of "focus, professionalism, integrity, and success" in production and management, as well as the value of "customer satisfaction" to provide customers with high-quality products and services. The company is willing to actively cooperate with old and new partners. Conspiracy for development, together with the creation of brilliant.