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    TESLA SPORTS NUTRITION 钛斯拉运动营养、Marathon Time 马泰时刻

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    钛斯拉运动营养坐落于荷兰,致力于向运动员和健身爱好者们提供针对性的运动营养品,使用户能够在训练和比赛中获得最佳的效果,甚至突破自我。 马泰时刻是欧洲EFT公司打造的健身补剂新型品牌。公司坐落于匈牙利,不仅提供蛋白质类固体饮料,而且提供其它种类的运动固体饮料,及含多种维生素和其它矿物质的食品补充剂。

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    Tesla Sport Nutrition provides products that athletes and bodybuilders use to achieve their best and break records in their training and competition. Marathon Time offers not only protein powder drinks but also other sport drink powders, wide range of vitamins and other mineral based food supplements. The whey protein based products are created for the premium segment. We know and keep the basic rule: to produce high quality products requires top quality ingredients and strict production process.