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    特蓝图 TARANTU

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    Shenzhen Tarantu Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focused on developing a smart filming robots with artificial intelligence. Tarantu has developed the “Tarantula” Intelligent Multi-Camera production system which includes the Auto Capture system and Auto Composite and Render System. The “Tarantula” system provides an end-to-end multi-cam filming solution for users. With “Tarantula”, you no longer necessarily need a full filmmaking crew and you are empowered to be more creative. The “Tarantula” multi-camera production system could be used to film car races at the race track, workout routines and tutorials at the gym, road trips, live stream videos and more. As a leading company in the field of video data mining, Tarantu has also joined force with City University of Hong Kong to develop the human posture and motion tracking system to aid sport and motion training.