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    "南京康力来体育设施有限公司是一家拥有多年健身器材制造及代理销售经验和体育场地场馆设计营造的全能专业公司。?目前是美国GIOBAI FITNESS INC中国地区总代理商。 ??美国GIOBAI FITNESS INC是全球一线健身器材翻新及销售商,公司主业务遍及全球各大洲。自公司创建以来一直秉承“更高、更大、更强、诚信、品质、 服务”的企业理念,以市场的发展为导向,追求节约成本投入, 一直为客户提供最优质服务。"

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    Nanjing Kanglilai Sports Facilities Co., Ltd. is an all-round professional company with years of experience in manufacturing and sales of fitness equipment and design of stadiums and venues. Currently, he is the general agent of GIOBAI FITNESS INC in the United States. GIOBAI FITNESS INC is the world's first-line fitness equipment refurbishment and sales company, the company's main business spreads all over the world. Since the company was founded, it has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of “higher, bigger, stronger, honest, quality, service”, guided by the development of the market, pursuing cost-saving investment, and always providing the best service to customers.