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    广州跑步肌贸易有限公司是一家在经营健身器材和康体设备领域具有多年丰富经验的专业公司,专营美国顶级品牌PRECOR(必确)和LIFE FITNESS(力健)二手健身设备的销售及售后服务。工程技术人员是受过各种相关专业培训,具有二十多年的实践经验,长期为五星级酒店和大型健身房的健身器材进行维修保养工作。

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    Guangzhou Running Muscle Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional company with many years of experience in the field of fitness equipment and fitness equipment. It specializes in the sales and after-sales service of the second-hand fitness equipment of the top American brands PRECOR (Bijie) and LIFE FITNESS (Lijian). Engineers and technicians have been trained in various related fields, and have more than 20 years of practical experience. They have been repairing and maintaining fitness equipment in five-star hotels and large gyms for a long time.