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    凭借在健身市场已有20多年的历史,并在五大洲的40个国家开展业务,Bodytone已经成为一家综合性公司,具有良好的国际声誉,并以构成其目录的各种产品为后盾; 以及年复一年增长的广泛的国内和国际分销网络。 在Bodytone,我们在世界各地设计,制造和分销我们的产品。 所有这一切都归功于优秀人力资本的团队合作和多年的经验,使产品在坚固,设计和卓越品质方面脱颖而出。 我们拥有自己的制造业,拥有广泛的设施和高素质的人才。 Bodytone正处于不断发展,创新和改进的过程中。 我们关注最细微的细节,以完善我们的产品,以适应市场的需求。 在Bodytone,我们始终展望未来,因此我们在我们的设备中引入了最苛刻的运动员的最新虚拟培训技术。

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    With a trajectory of over 20 years in the fitness market, and a current presence in 40 countries worldwide, Bodytone is already viewed as a prestigious international company, backed by the wide range of products that make up our catalogue, as well as our wide national and international distribution network that continues to grow year on year, as demonstrated by our success stories. At Bodytone we design, manufacture and distribute our products all over the world. All this is possible thanks to a great team of people with many years of experience who create products that stand out for their solidity, design and excellent quality and excellent technical service. We rely on our own extensive manufacturing facilities and highly qualified personnel. Bodytone is in a constant process of evolution, innovation and improvement. We pay attention to even the smallest details in order to continuously improve our products and adapt to the needs of the market. At Bodytone we are always looking towards the future and striving to keep our equipment up to date with the latest virtual training technologies for the most demanding athletes.