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    DOS International Korea

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    Younique RAMZET

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    DOS International成立于2004年,是一家美容仪器生产和销售以及化妆品研发为一体的公司,以其先进的技术和创新的设计引领亚洲美黑潮流。 DOS以DOS 的技术 正在为亚洲人量身打造适合亚洲人肤色所使用的设备。 DOS 所创造的美丽和健康设备将进一步提升您的业务价值。

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    Founded in 2004, DOS Int'l Korea is a leading company in Korea engaged in R&D, production and distribution of UV Tanning & White tanning machine, leading Asia's tanning trend with advanced technology and innovative design. DOS maunfactures devices with our own technology and provides them fit for Asians and that Asians want. We provide continuous higher value to your business with our innovative beauty & wellness equipments.