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    鸿泰盛(北京)健康科技有限公司是一家集研发、生产销售为一体的全面型企业。主要代理韩国进口医疗器械、体育器材、健康体检等产品。成立以来,相继拿下韩国进口alFOOTs 足底压力检测仪中国区总代理权,FONCTI功能检测评估系统在中国区域唯一销售代表公司,韩国杰文品牌人体成分分析仪在中国地区的总代理权。

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    Hongtai Sheng(Beijing) Health Technology Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The main agent is South Korea's imported medical equipment, sports equipment, health medical examination and other products. Since its establishment, it has successively won the total agency rights of South Korea's imported alFOOTs foot pressure tester in China, the FONCTI functional testing and evaluation system is the only representative company in China, and the total agency rights of Hanguojiewen brand human component analyzer in China.