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    美能达健身器材有限公司是一家集研发、设计、生产、销售,售后服务为一体的综合型健身器材生产厂家,成立于2010年,坐落于风景优美、交通便利的山东省宁津银河开发区,美能达公司借助于宁津成熟的五金产业基础,完备的健身器材生产经验,迅速地研发生产出MND-AN系列,MND-FA系列,MND-F系列,MND-D系列,MND-H及MND-G系列产品,并将陆续推出其他产品系列,完备的产品体系,公司现有五大系列二百多个品种规格的健身器材(包括:俱乐部纯商用跑台、电动跑步机、俱乐部专用健身器材系列、健身车、综合训练器、杠哑铃等。)可为不同需求的客户提供整体的健身房配置解决方案。 美能达健身目前拥有30000平米的厂房,采用高精准的设备,兴建了一流标准的检测实验室,力求为广大客户..

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    Minonta Fitness Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a research and development, design, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the integrated fitness equipment manufacturer, founded in 2010, located in a beautiful scenery, convenient transportation in Shandong Province Ningjin Galaxy Development Zone, Minonda company with the help of Ningjin mature hardware industry foundation, Complete fitness equipment production experience, rapid research and development and production of MND-AN series, MND-FA series, MND-F series, MND-D series, MND-H and MND-G series of products, and will be introduced in other product lines, complete product system, The company's existing five series of more than 200 varieties of specifications of fitness equipment (including: club pure commercial running platform, electric treadmill, club special fitness equipment series, fitness vehicles, integrated trainers, bar dumbbells and so on. A holistic gym configuration solution for customers with different needs. Minonda Fitness currently has 30,000 square meters of plant, the use of high-precision equipment, the construction of a first-class standard testing laboratory, and strive to provide our customers with first-class quality products. Company to "high-quality pursuit, customer service, beyond their own, common development" for the purpose, never stop exploring and moving forward, the development of their own at the same time not forget to provide more support to our customers, to achieve mutual win-win situation. Minonda Fitness now has a group of experienced industrial design and mechanical designers, accurately grasp the pulse of the market, design more in line with market demand for products. Most of the first-line production staff has more than 5 years of industry production operation experience, mature technology, and through the introduction of advanced technology, improve and improve the production process, greatly improve the accuracy of the product angle and appearance of the exquisite, excellent staff laid the foundation of good product quality, Reasonable process and process to improve the possibility of good product quality, strict testing standards, for the final factory product quality to add a guarantee. Minalda fitness equipment sales in Europe, to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh as the representative of the South Asian countries, South Africa, Angola, Egypt as the representative of African countries and Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries, Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries, and Southeast Asia and other countries in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. Choose Minalda, beauty is arriving!