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    30MIN (Beijing Thirty Minutes Sports Technology Co., LTD. ) is committed to building an intelligent fitness system. Based on the research and development and production of smart fitness hardware, the company creates a unique global intelligent entertainment and fitness system, and builds an recreational ecosystem, including intelligent hardware, fitness system, sports equipment, etc. 30MIN adheres to the fitness concept of making sports more fashionable and more interesting. It is committed to providing fashion and intelligent fitness equipment and training methods for a new generation of sports users, so that more people can enjoy sports and embrace the future. PADIPATA is a core brand of 30MIN, the word “PADIPATA” derived from The Sutra of one Hundred Karmas, implied meaning practice Buddhism or Taoism. Exercise and fitness is also a practice, it needs to be constantly improved, and adhere to their own persistence. At the same time, exercise is not only a practice, but also a way of life. A new way to break the traditional fitness model, so that sports can become more fashionable and simpler without having to stick to form. In the future, PADIPATA will try all possibilities, not only to create more iconic future products, but also to transform sports into a lifestyle.