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    厦门乐特多运动科技有限公司是国内首批专注于运动科技的公司之一。公司成立于2010年,专业从事筋膜枪、美体仪等运动美体按摩器材与设备的研发、生产和销售。 我们所有产品的细心研发、精心制造都是为了让运动爱好者更好的康复、提高运动表现,能尽情地投入到运动中去。

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    Xiamen Letdooo Sports And Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the first companies to focus on sports and technology. Our factory was established in 2010 and located in one of the most centralized place of massage machine industry in China. The company after years of manufacturing experience combined with the advanced foreign technology, R&D to elaborate sports massage equipment of all kinds of industry, won a number of national patent. Our products are enable sports enthusiasts to better recover, improve their athletic performance and indulge their passion for sports events. Our objective is to solve the contradiction between quality and cost. We need to provide a most competitive products to increase our market penetration both in China also international market. Our company is currently the most competitive sports technology company in China. We have excellent design and quality control capabilities with a mature supply chain system. To this end, we are actively seeking cooperation with our customers to develop business together.