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    SIDE KICK GEAR在巴基斯坦的體育用品製造商中並不是一個新名字。我們為許多體育產品提供定制標識,如拳擊,MMA,健身,武術,柔術,騎自行車和運動服。我們擁有設計師和專家團隊,可以幫助您創建具有不同顏色選項和模式的模型。我們擁有近85%的內部生產設施,可以在我們的專家監督下控製成本並提供最具

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    SIDE KICK GEAR is not a new name in sports goods manufacturers in Pakistan. We offer custom logos for many sports products like Boxing, MMA, Fitness, Martial Arts, JiuJitsu, Cycling and sports wears. We have team of designers and experts to assist you to create mock ups with different color options and patterns. We have almost 85% in-house production facilities to control cost and offer best competitive prices under supervision of our experts. We are working with many renowned brands all over the world but can not mention their names here because of customers privacy. Our products are CE certified and can get any certification on demand of our customers. Visit us at Booth number G41B for further details and prices. Enjoy the show