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    我们的故事始于1986年,M Double You的成立,这是荷兰第一个严肃的运动营养品牌。从早期开始,我们的产品系列一直专注于高品质(和美味),我们加入了荷兰日益普及的健身和力量运动理念。

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    Our story begins in 1986 with the establishment of M Double You, the first serious sports nutrition brand in the Netherlands. With a range that has been focused on top quality (and a tasty taste) since the early days, we have joined in with the growing popularity of fitness and strength sports in the Netherlands. In the last 10 years, knowledge about healthy sports nutrition has increased enormously and with it the quality of supplements. That is why we have collected the best national and international brands that we offer under the umbrella name House of Nutrition. That means we are ready for the future!