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    上海拓斯体育用品有限公司是一家集营销、研发于一体的专业生产拳击用品的公司,公司自 2010年在上海创建以来,产品在国内拳击用品品牌中占领先地位。公司于2015年注册成立 永康星途体育用品有限公司做为生产基地,生产和销售各类拳击产品,主要包括:拳击台、 格斗笼、拳击手套、沙袋、地垫、墙垫等产品。

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    Shanghai Todd Sport Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for boxing products, which includes boxing ring, MMA cage, boxing gloves, sandbags and other relevent boxing products. The company was founded in Shanghai in 2010. In 2015 the subsidiary Yongkang Xingtu Sport Co., Ltd. was registered as a manufacturing base of the company. We have our own brand, TODD. Our brand is positioning in the high-quality needed market.