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    NaumCare在韩国进口和供应健身和医疗用品已超过20年。 特别是,我们不仅提供产品,还提供教育计划,为消费者提供准确的知识和价值。 NaumCare是该领域国内市场的领先公司,目前出口到全球超过15个国家。 有关更多信息,请访问公司网站 - https://www.naum.biz

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    NaumCare has been importing and supplying fitness and medical supplies for over 20 years in Korea. In particular, we don’t only provide products but also an educational program, providing accurate knowledge and value to consumers. NaumCare is the leading company in the domestic market in this field and now exporting to over 15 countries all over the world. For more information, please visit company website - https://www.naum.biz