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    Swim Star Academy(简称SSA)成立于2015年9月,总部位于上海浦东张江。过去的12年SSA的游泳课程体系在中国、美国,厄瓜多尔和塞尔维亚等国家的十几家游泳俱乐部为数以万计的儿童提供了学习游泳并成为安全游泳者的最佳实践。

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    SSA was established in September 2015 with its headquarter based in Zhangjiang, Pudong , Shanghai. In the past 12 years, SSA's swimming curriculums have provided tens of thousands of childen in a dozen of swimming clubs of China, USA, Equador and Serbia with the best practice of swim skills as well as being a safe swimmer.