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    特牛(上海)体育文化发展有限公司 成立于2016年7月21日 公司主要创始团队近二十年实际参与了百余家商业健身空间的策划、营造、设计、运营,不仅熟悉传统健身,也是国内较早涉足智能健身和专业训练的团队。公司成立两年多来,已经成为多家国内一线健身连锁品牌的合作伙伴,并提供专业服务。

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    THE NEW (Shanghai) Sports Culture Development Co.,Ltd. Founded on July 21, 2016.Company's Main Founding Team actually participated in recent 20 years more than Hundreds Commercial Fitness Space Planning, Construction, Design, Operation, not only Familiar with Traditional Fitness, is the Domestic earlier in Intelligent Fitness and Professional Training Team. The Company has been established for more than two year, has become a number of Domestic First-line Fitness Chain Brand Partners and also provides Professional Consulting Services.