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    三体云智能科技有限公司成立于2015年,是一家以“用智能让生意更简单”为使命的垂直于健身行业的产业互联网公司。 我们致力于用全球顶尖的「SaaS」+「人工智能大数据」+「大数据技术」三位一体智能生态闭环,帮助线下门店实现科学高效的数字化智能管理,并最终助力企业提效增收。

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    Founded in 2015, SanTi Cloud Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial Internet company perpendicular to the fitness industry with the mission of "making business easier with intelligence." We are committed to using the worldundefineds top "SaaS", "artificial intelligence big data" and "big data technology" trinity intelligent ecological closed loop to help offline stores achieve scientific and efficient digital intelligent management, and ultimately help enterprises to increase efficiency and income.